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They are software developed specifically for usage on smartphones available all over the world today.
Having a mobile app under the name of your company firstly improves the company’s image in the eyes of the client. As traditionally, mobile app development is costly (But only at as little as 25% with us) , so having one implies that the company is established and expanding.
We are thinking long term by charging you as low as 25% of the full cost as a deposit. In a sense, we are co-investing in your mobile app’s success by postponing the full payment till the end of the 2-year tenure. If you wish to cease your mobile app’s operation by or before then, you will not need to pay the balance of the remaining development cost.
No we will not do that as we believe a long term working relationship is built upon honesty and sincerity. Our full quotation will be around that of the standard market pricing for mobile app development pertaining specifically to your needs. All our clients are welcome to compare our full quotation with that of other mobile app developers.
The answer will be whatever is required by your company. From allowing users to shop on your mobile app to managing their accounts with your company, the possibilities are endless.
Currently, we are able to develop both Android and IOS types of mobile apps. We are always looking to expand our capability to include Windows mobile apps development in the near future.
That will depend on the complexity of the project, as well as whether your website currently has existing web services to integrate with the mobile app. Typically, both Android and IOS mobile app takes all in all 2 to 6 months to be fully developed.


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